How we do hear?


The auditory system is one of our bodies most complex and delicate sensory systems

Our ears are divided into four parts: The Outer Ear, Middle Ear, Inner Ear and Central Auditory Pathways

In order for sound to be perceived all of these components need to function optimally

The Outer Ear: consists of the Pinna, ear canal and eardrum. The pinna acts as a funnel to collect and direct sound down the ear canal
and helps us to appreciate front-back sound localization. Sound waves travels down the ear canal, striking the eardrum and causing it to vibrate.

The Middle Ear: contains three small bones called ossicles. These tiny bones are connected to the eardrum at one end and to an opening to the inner ear at the other end. Vibrations from the eardrum cause the ossicles to vibrate which, in turn, creates movement of the fluid in the inner ear.

The Inner Ear: houses the organ of hearing, known as the cochlea and the auditory nerve. Movement of the fluid in the cochlea causes changes in tiny structures called hair cells. This movement of the hair cells sends electric signals from the inner ear up the auditory nerve to the brain.

The inner ear also houses the semicircular canals which play a role in the balance mechanism.

Central auditory Pathways: Once the auditory vestibular nerve reaches the brainstem, the hearing system sends its information to different parts of the brain specifically to extract the sound cues out of the electrical message brought by the nerves of hearing, and hence sound is perceived.


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