Signs of Hearing Loss In Adults?



  • People often mumble or do not speak clearly
  • You often have to ask people to speak up or repeat themselves
  • It is hard to follow a conversation in a crowded room
  • It is hard to understand someone who is a short distance away from you
  • You sometimes do not hear the phone ring
  • You turn up the TV volume louder than others need to
  • You seem to hear better in one ear than the other
  • You find it essential to sit at the front in meetings, church service, etc.
  • You have difficulty following a conversation between people in the front or back seat of a car
  • Family and friends make comments about your hearing



  • You are stressed out from straining to hear what others are saying
  • You feel annoyed at other people because you can’t hear or understand them
  • You are embarrassed to meet new people or from misunderstanding what others are saying
  • You withdraw from social situations that you once enjoyed because of difficulty hearing


  • You have a family history of hearing loss
  • Your occupation is in a noisy environment or you have been exposed to very loud sounds over a long period or single exposure to explosive noise
  • You take medications that can harm the hearing system (ototoxic drugs)
  • You have diabetes, heart circulation or thyroid problems


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